What to Do When Your Dry Skin Becomes Drier in Winter

We all know that dry skin becomes drier in winter. But what should you do when your dry skin becomes drier in winter? You may not be aware, but your skin can get dry because of cold weather. Have you tried switching to a creamier cleanser and richer moisturizer? If that’s not enough, there are additional changes you can make to keep your skin healthy.

We’ve got your dry skin safeguarded from the cold with our research-supported solutions! Best of all, these modifications are easy and they’ll produce immediate results for your dry, flaky, weather-beaten skin.

How Cold Winter Weather Makes Dry Skin Worse

When the temperature drops and cold winds start blowing, that makes for a dry environment that can be hard on your skin!

Combine winter air outside with heated, dry indoors - your skin is not lovin' it. You want supple, smooth skin, but are dealing with dehydration, redness, tightness, flaking, and a continual uncomfortable sensation.

Now you can keep your skin looking and feeling its best choosing actives and moisturizers that work hard for you in the cold weather. These products will help leave your skin soft, hydrated, and it'll have a natural glow too.

How to Adapt Your Skin care Routine for Winter

At Serumize Skin, selecting one or two of our nourishing, skin-renewing serums and boosters will give you the best results—you don’t have to change your entire routine. These innovative formulas work perfectly with your current skin care routine and contain ingredients that help your skin to look and feel great. Though the climate has been tough on you, these ingredients can still greatly benefit your skin. It's never too late to start caring for it!

Of course, you need to be sure your skin care routine is already perfect for your dry skin. That means using a soothing water-soluble cleanser like our ULTRA RESTORE ANTIOXIDANT FACIAL CLEANSER, a non-drying toner loaded with skin-replenishing ingredients, an AHA or BHA exfoliant (AHA is preferred for dry, dull skin to help naturally shed that unwanted buildup of dead surface skin), a richly restorative daytime moisturizer with sunscreen, and a creamy, rejuvenating nighttime moisturizer.

To make sure your skin is no worse for the wear during winter, try adding a couple of these key products to your routine:

  1. Morning and evening, cleanse with a gentle, creamy water-soluble cleanser. If necessary, use a soft washcloth with your cleanser to be sure you’ve removed all your makeup. You can add a makeup remover for dry winter skin as well.

  2. In the morning and evening, apply a creamy skin-replenishing toner to your face and neck (no need to rinse).

  3. Once or twice a day, apply a leave-on, hydrating AHA lotion exfoliant to your face and neck.

  4. Morning and evening, apply a serum for dry winter skin to face, including around the eyes, and neck.

  5. Wake up & go to sleep by massaging a non-fragrant, oil-based moisturizer on your face. Make sure you get the eye area and make sure it's not too greasy for your neck. A wonderful oil to use here is the Serumize Ultra Restore Dry Oil.

  6. For daytime, apply your moisturizer or foundation with sunscreen; at night, apply a super-rich moisturizer including on your neck and eyes. If it's dry skin, use an eye cream too!

If you want to add on a little something extra to your beauty sleep and give your skin a tasty hydration boost overnight, apply a face mask on your face, neck and eye area as the last step in your nighttime routine. You will wake up to unbelievably smooth, glowing skin!

What to Avoid

Following the routine outlined will get you through the storm with skin that feels rejuvenated and refreshed. No more wasting time & money on moisturizers, just follow this plan and your skin will be flawless. Equally important as what to do is what to avoid, so as frost appears and the snowfall continues, keep these pointers in mind:

  • If your skin is feeling dry or itchy, don't rub it with something abrasive like a sponge. If the bristles on your brush are hard or spiky, you could make the problem worse. Give your skin a refresh by using a soft & wet towel with your cleanser and then follow up with your toner.

  • Don’t forget your AHA exfoliant. One of the best things about it is that it can help shed that excess skin on your face, which means that your moisturizer, serum, and other products will absorb better.

  • Avoid products that contain drying, sensitizing ingredients like essential oils, mint, menthol, eucalyptus, clays, and starches. Surprisingly, these ingredients turn up in many products designed for dry to very dry skin.

  • Spend less time in hot water, especially baths & sauna. The heat can deplete your skin's ability to stop signs of dryness appearing.


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