Neck And Chest Skin Care

The Importance of Taking Care of Your Neck & Chest

Taking care of your face is a given. You want it to look as healthy as possible. So do we. But, it is important not to neglect the neck and chest when caring for your skin. This is because the neck and best are more sensitive to gravity and will display signs and symptoms of ageing and neglect faster than your face. Age spots, sagging and uneven tone are complaints a lot of people tend to have about their decolletage as they mature.

So, what can you do for your neck and chest? Well, exactly what you do for your face. There's no need to purchase an expensive neck cream when all the ingredients that will support skin health can be found in regular products. Keep reading to know what your neck and chest need.

How To Make Your Neck And Chest Look Youthful

  • There's no secret here. Sun damage speeds up skin ageing. So, it's important to make sure you apply sunscreen to your neck and chest as they get their hair share of sun exposure. Two finger lengths may be ideal for your face and ears. But, you'll need another 2-3 finger lengths to cover your neck and chest. Don't forget to reapply your sunscreen!
  • Exfoliate your neck and chest. There’s dead skin there too. Exfoliating is important to ensure the skin is regularly brought resurfaced to target acne, discoloration and clogged pores. Chemical exfoliants are preferred due to the thinness of the neck’s skin. Our Clear Fight Serum is perfect as it exfoliates gently while supporting barrier repair.
  • Adequate hydration. Your neck and chest will benefit from hydration and nourishment. Apply a hydrating serum such as our Peptide Quench Serum and our Peptide Quench Moisturizer before sunscreen to keep the skin plump and refreshed. Anti-oxidants such as Vitamin C and E are also beneficial to skin health.
  • Brightening ingredients such as tranexamic acid, niacinamide, and liquorice will fade spots and hyperpigmented patches.

How To Get Rid Of Sagging Skin On Neck And Chest

As said in our earlier post about wrinkles, ageing skin is best addressed through preventative measures. This is because signs of ageing can be challenging to address through topical skin care.

The appearance of ageing skin on the neck and chest can benefit from resurfacing with an exfoliant and/or retinoids and adequate hydration. However, a permanent solution will involve advanced procedures such as laser therapy or cosmetic surgery


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