5 Skin Care Resolutions For 2024

A new year means a chance to change direction and to set our intention for our goals. Like many other people, you may have some goals for your skin this year. We’d like to help with this. Here are our suggested resolutions you need to achieve or maintain healthy skin in 2024.

Be Consistent

Consistency is key when it comes to skincare It's the most important factor in achieving healthy, glowing skin.

The consistency of your skincare routine will determine how well your skin responds to the products you're using. If you fall off your routine, no problem, you can jump right back in at any moment. Neglecting consistency will have you cycling through new products every few weeks with little or no change.

Forget The Trends

Great products get into the trend cycle all the time. However, it is important to ignore the trends if you have a routine that responds to your skin type and conditions. If you are not sure your routine is doing that, take this quiz. Constantly introducing new products can increase your risk of irritation and prevent your other products from working effectively. This practice also prevents you from observing the efficacy of your current routine.

Hydrate At Every Turn

Inflamed Skin? Hydrate. Dull Skin? Hydrate. Enlarged pores? Hydrate. Many skin concerns require a combination of ingredients to be managed. However, one thing rings true. Your skin will never suffer from hydration. It not only creates an optimal environment for other products to work, but it also improves the appearance of the skin. Get into our Peptide Quench Serum for multi-level and effective hydration.

More Products Do Not Make A Better Routine

Excess consumption habits have tricked us into thinking more is more with skincare and this is not true. A good routine is one that you can be consistent with. 15 steps of multiple products are difficult to maintain and will have you reducing the efficacy of certain ingredients. Not sure where to start? Watch our video on what you need for a basic routine.

Appreciate The Skin You Are In

It is easy to get swept up in photographs of perfect skin all around you. It is important to keep in mind that healthy skin is the goal not perfect skin. This helps you adjust your expectations and enjoy the process of getting your skin where you need it to be.







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