Ask SERUMIZE- What is Gua Sha?

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We know you’ve been seeing those pretty Gua Sha tools making rounds on the internet. You asked us what Gua Sha is all about and we’d love to let you in on this amazing beauty practice.

Our answers come from Asha Allen Silverstein, a beauty expert, a 4 X certified Glo Method Gua Sha practitioner and the owner and founder of The Beauty Collective in Toronto, Canada. Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese practice and has been around since the Ming dynasty. It was originally practiced by Chinese royalty as a wellness and beauty practice.

A Gua Sha practice has a good number of benefits. Immediate benefits include the reduction of puffiness in the face and neck. Long-term benefits include increased blood flow, lymphatic drainage and collagen production. It is a natural practice that can restore a youthful glow and sculpt, contour and lift the skin.


What Do You Need For A Good Gua Sha Routine?

First off you need a quality tool. Asha’s favorite is an Amethyst stone as it has anti-inflammatory properties. The shape of the stone is also important. Asha recommends the heart-shaped stone which fits well with the contours of the face. The second thing you’ll need is a lightweight, non-comedogenic oil like our Ultra Restore Dry Oil. You don’t want to use a water-based product because that sinks into the skin and dryness will cause the tool to tug at the skin as opposed to gliding.

The pressure, speed and angle are important factors to consider. The stone should be flat across the face and the pressure should be gentle. A good routine should begin at the neck and the lower face and move upward. It is important to hit the forehead, under eyes, nose, cheek, chin and neck during a Gua Sha routine. Each movement must be repeated 3-5 times for optimum results

Join Asha on our YouTube Channel to practice a simple and effective Gua Sha routine. In this video, she goes into more detail and shows you step by step the motions that will have you reaping the benefits of Gua Sha in no time.

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