Dry Skin Needs Oil! It’s Your Skin Crack

DRY SKIN is a skin type that produces less oil than other skin types. Dry skin is hereditary - a skin type that you're born with, rather than a condition you develop 🧬DNA🧬.

OIL is necessary to protect, lubricate, and nourish the skin, so those with dry skin may experience roughness, excessive dryness, or flakiness (that sometimes appears in patches). Dry skin rarely feels oily and water-based lotions are almost never hydrating enough! 

In 4 days we launch our ULTRA RESTORE DRY OIL, a multitasking oil packed with antioxidants, omega fatty acids that floods the skin with moisture, improves firmness, helps to soften lines, wrinkles, and fights free radical damage! Super exciting!!

#Serumize #launchingsoon #glassskin 

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