Know Your Skin With SERUMIZE-Are Peptides Worth The Hype?

 Everyone is talking about peptides. Today we are joined by Asha Allen- Silverstein, a beauty guru and aesthetician to know if it lives up to its infamy.

Asha says peptides are worth the hype. Peptides are amino acids which form the building blocks of collagen and elastin the structural protein which keeps skin feeling plump and firm.

Once a person reaches the age of 25, collagen production begins to decrease by 1 per cent yearly. It is important to compensate for decreased collagen production with peptides and physical stimulation.

What are Collagen and Elastin?

Collagen and Elastin are produced by the skin in response to micro-tears to heal and restore the skin. Thus, products with peptides like the SERUMIZE Peptide Quench Serum and the Peptide Quench Moisturizer are important for their anti-ageing properties and the general appearance of the skin.

Peptide Quench is formulated with 12 different peptides to give the skin bounce and help with texture, hyaluronic acid which a superpower ingredient that holds up to a thousand times its weight in water. This helps to firm and plump the skin while making the use of moisturizers efficient. It also contains aloe vera which has been known for centuries to soothe the skin and calm inflammation.

Where Does Peptide Quench Fit In To Your Routine

Peptide Quench fits into any skincare routine. In the mornings, Peptide Quench goes on after cleansing the skin for optimal penetration. Go in with a moisturizer and SPF to finish off a skincare routine.

Night time is usually reserved for the use of active skin care like chemical exfoliants and retinoids. However, peptides have a place in your nighttime skincare routine. They restore and nourish the skin at night when it usually repairs itself. Peptide Quench is also great for soothing inflammation from overuse or actives.

It is important to supplement collagen production with peptides for youthful skin. Peptide Quench is great because it can be delivered topically by applying and it can be used as a base for a facial massage like Gua Sha.

However, peptides shouldn’t be used in isolation to solve all skin problems. Just like a multivitamin serum contains multiple ingredients, your skin needs a well-rounded routine to thrive.

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