Parabens: Friend or Foe?

Introduction: What are Parabens and Why are they Used in Cosmetics?

Parabens are preservatives used to increase the shelf life of products such as cosmetics, food, and pharmaceuticals. They work by inhibiting the growth of bacteria, fungi and other organic matter in these products.

Parabens can be found in many cosmetic products such as shampoos, moisturizers, conditioners, makeup, and facial cleansers. These ingredients are also found in some medicines such as antiperspirants or acne treatments.

Are Parabens Harmful to Your Health?

Parabens have been found to be harmful to the proper functioning of the body systems which may lead to certain illnesses. They have also been found to adversely break down the skin. However, it has been argued that they become harmful at a high concentration only.

The use of parabens is not prohibited in any country, but they are being phased out by many companies. as a precautionary measure because of the possible risks.

What are the Alternatives to Parabens in Skincare?

Some alternatives to parabens are phenoxyethanol, benzyl alcohol, and sorbic acid. As well as some natural alternatives such as grapefruit seed extract, green tea extract, and vitamin E.

At SERUMIZE, we maintain a Paraben-free manufacturing process for all of our products. We believe that skincare should be kind to the skin and body, so we do not take that risk. You can use our products with the full assurance that it is completely safe.


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