Know Your Skin With SERUMIZE-How To Build A Simple Yet Effective Skincare Routine

Like we said earlier, you don’t need a 12- step skincare routine to achieve healthy skin. Our Skincare expert, Lesley Bowen is a licensed aesthetician and Skincare therapist who walks us through all we need to achieve nourished healthy skin.

Essentials for Healthy Skin

To achieve healthy, nourished skin, you need to have an unimpaired skin barrier. To achieve this, we need to NOURISH HYDRATE AND PROTECT.

To do this, you will need two routines. One in the morning and one in the evening.

In the morning the goal is to cleanse your skin, hydrate it and then protect it from free radical damage and sun rays. Cleanse with a gentle cleanser like our Ultra Restore Facial Cleanser. You will need to favorite follow with a serum or two depending on your skin’s needs. All skin types need hydration, it will be best to go in with a hydrating serum like our Peptide Quench Serum which is packed with hyaluronic acid and 12 active peptides (peptides are chains of amino acids). Follow up with a light daytime moisturizer with Niacinamide or Vitamin C. Finally, top it all off with your SPF of choice.

In the evening you are looking to rejuvenate your skin. The first step will be to take off all the dirt and sweat from the day. A good start will be our Ultra Restore Dry Oil as a pre-cleanse and then go in with the Ultra Restore Facial Cleanser for a final cleanse. If you are acne prone or you have oily skin, you can go in with our Clear Fight Serum which contains Salicylic Acid to resurface your skin. Follow up with the Peptide Quench Serum to hydrate and calm your skin. You have the option of a heavier or lighter moisturizer to seal it all in.

What Skin Type Do I Have?

If you are unsure about what your skin type is, take our skin care quiz online that is sure to help you discover a routine that works for you.

Should I change my skincare routine as the weather changes?

Yes, you should!

Humidity and Temperature do affect the skin. In the winter months, it is important to layer on the hydration because dryness can be very harsh on the skin barrier. Do this with more serums, essences and a hydrating oil.

When do I start seeing results?

Lesley compares skin care to going to the gym. We’d have to agree. You have to be patient and consistent to see results. Give it at least 4 to 6 weeks before making make a judgement on a routine’s efficacy.

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